Build sites of any size, solo or with your team.

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Once you learn how fast it is to publish sites in Framer, you’ll find excuses to build sites for everything. Kick off your blog, redesign your portfolio, create an online CV or collect your favorite media. Start building your online presence today.

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With Framer, you get a complete set of tools to design, ship, host, and maintain stunning websites for your clients. Take on any project confidently, knowing you can deliver high-quality work quickly.

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Speed up the process from ideation to client delivery as never before. You’ll get the support, tools, and awareness to grow your business. Companies like DesignCo, &blank, and Transcend work with us to move fast and scale globally.

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Iterate at lightning speed. Quickly build unique landing pages or set up dedicated SEO pages to drive traffic to your website. Use built-in analytics or a 3rd party service to track everything.

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Announce your product with a bang without needing an entire marketing team and months of preparation. Keep your engineers focussed on more important things, your site can be managed without any code.

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Quickly grow your website to any size while keeping it performant and optimized for search engines. Make sure to keep your site clean with Framer’s power tools. Bring your team together to deliver amazing websites fast.

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No page limits

With Webflow, you cannot have more than 100 static pages on a project. While not every site needs more than 100 pages, Framer easily scales beyond it to support advanced use cases when you need it.

Page load speed

While Webflow page load speed is definitely above the industry standard, Framer sites are built using more modern technologies like React server-side rendering, automatic image compression and smart asset bundling. The result is the fastest site current technology can ship.

SEO for dynamic content

Search engines typically can’t index some of your best content if it’s generated dynamically with JavaScript, for example product names or descriptions from your CMS or an API. Framer uses server side rendering to pre render your content on the server so Google can index it.

Symbols Rigidity

Instead of symbols, Framer builds on Smart Components with variations that make it much easier to centrally manage your site design or even create a component library for your entire team.

Global privacy and GDPR compatibility

Framer hosting fully complies with global privacy regulations and completely anonymizes visitor analytics (using random daily salts) so you can offer your visitors the best experience possible.


Framer is truly ISO 27001 certified and used by many of the largest tech companies that rely on big company features like multi-team organizations, advanced member reporting, advanced security options, custom billing and contracts.