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Do you enjoy tasting and discovering new wines? Being part of a wine club will be a fun way to experience your exploration. In a wine club you can taste wine selections that comes from local vineyards or from around the world. The best wine clubs to join will be your guide and introduce you to wines you would otherwise never have tasted. 

What Are the Best Wine Clubs to Join?

The best wine clubs to join will note your personalized information and wine preferences. Whether through taking a quiz or doing a taste test, the best wine clubs to join get to know what your interests are and curate based on a combination of their expertise and your preferences. You’ll feel the special attention when the wines you get are tailored for your tastes.

How to Choose Your Wine Club

We want you to be informed and aware of the best wine clubs to join. Understand that not all wine clubs are created equally. Some wine clubs seem to be more of a bulk wine clearing house, so you’ll want to choose carefully. You don’t want to accidentally choose something that will bring nothing more than low-quality wine you could find at a grocery store. One factor you’ll want to consider when choosing your wine club is the price point that’s best for you. You must decide if you’re looking for a budget-friendly wine club or something more adventurous and expensive.

Eight of the Best Wine Clubs to Join

Blue Apron Wine

This is a private label option where the wines are selected to pair with Blue Apron’s food membership. For $66 you get the equivalent of 3 standard bottles worth of wine in the shape of five slightly smaller bottles. You have the option to choose from a curated list, giving you access to renowned wine makers all over the world. You’ll receive your wine in a beautiful box with tasting notes, wine back-stories and pairing tips.

GaryVee’s Monthly Wine Club

GaryVee has been sharing his opinions on wine for over a decade: now he gives you the chance to join his wine club. If it’s hard to find anything you like at prices you want, then sign up for this $55 per month club. During each month, you may get anywhere from 1 to 4 bottles of hard-to-find wines at an amazing price. You’ll notice your wine shipments will include wines that are at least 50% off retail prices.

The Grand Tour

Curated from the Verve Wine Co. in NYC by Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson, this club is gaining popularity rapidly. The Grand Tour allows you to explore a new wine region each month to broaden your horizons. Although you don’t get to choose whether you prefer reds or whites, you can look at their wine archives to see what wines they tend to curate in the different seasons. For $95 you’ll receive four bottles of wine for along with interesting, detailed print-outs that include wine maps and notes about the region.

The Tasting Room

By joining the Tasting Room you will get to receive wine based on your personal preferences. These are garnered from an individual test they will give you. It costs around $10 to join, at which time you’ll receive your mini-bottle tasting kit. Once you’ve tasted from 6 selected mini bottles of wines, you will share with them which ones you like best. The Tasting Room then gives you a personalized wine profile that details your preferred styles and flavors, which you will receive in a full-sized shipment.

California Wine Club

California Wine Club offers you handcrafted, high-quality wines curated by their team of wine experts. You can choose one of five levels including, Premier, Signature, International, Aged Cabernet, and Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest choice includes limited wines from Oregon and Washington whereas Signature includes California wines and Aged Cabernet from the Napa Valley. Depending on your chosen wine level, your club price can range from around $40 to $235 a month for 2 bottles of wine.

Wine Society

With this wine club, you’ll be taking a more modern approach in wine collecting. You’ll receive balanced premium wines that come in 500 ML cans. You can choose between a premium red blend, a white blend, ablend, or all three in their variety pack subscription. These are particularly great for savoring and sharing, and every 3 months you’ll receive a $132 case of wine.

Winc Wine

If you sign up with Winc Wine you take a taste preference test and commit to 3ÃÆ’Æwines per month. This is done very simply by giving answering six questions about the flavors you love most. This allows Winc Wine to curate wine selections that suit your palette and deliver your wine to you. Winc Wine, previously know as Club W, offers mostly American wines that range from $13 to $75 per bottle and final costs can be from $60 to $160 per month.

Wine of the Month Club

You can make your wine club choice by joining the original wine of the month club that began in 1972. You get two bottles a month hand-selected by their owner starting at around $24, and can choose a white-only or red-only option. You’ll receive your two pre-screened wines in a beautiful linen burgundy box with a personalized gift card. You’ll also receive their newsletter called “The Tasting Room” with recipes, cellar suggestions and history.

The Verdict

In conclusion, there are notable factors that go into making your decision for the best wine clubs to join. Some of these factors include cost, frequency of delivery and the amount of wine you get. Other factors will include choosing the region where wine is made and the styles of wine you prefer: although no factor is as important as your individual preference. Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow your decision by what we’ve shared in our list of the best wine clubs to join; but let your taste buds be to the true expert.