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Are you looking to improve the SEO for your company? If so, you probably already know you need to find SEO content writers––but where? What is the best approach for you to use?
Web content is everywhere these days. With over 4 million blog posts published every single day, it’s evident that there are tens of thousands (if not millions) of potential writers to choose from.
Sometimes it can seem like there are almost too many options. Fortunately, we can simplify the search by examining the most common methods that are currently available.
When it comes to choosing writers, there are three major routes that people typically take.

The Do-It-Yourself Model

This is usually the first choice that most companies make.
Creating your own content often seems like a good option at first. You don’t have to pay someone else to do it. You can control every piece of the blog post from start to finish. But there are also hidden costs.  sdfsdf 
The drawbacks often make themselves clear later, after a few weeks or months have passed.
The truth is that writing a blog takes time. Making it effective requires expertise. In addition to the actual writing of the blog, there is a considerable amount of research necessary to keep your blog optimized for search engines.
Delegating this task to someone on your staff (or doing it yourself) might not require you to cut a check to a third party, but the costs are still there, in terms of time and energy––especially if the blog winds up failing to perform as well as it should be.
How Much Is Your Time Worth to You?
The question here often becomes: how much time do you actually have to spend on the blog?
Larger corporations can sometimes afford to create their own departments specifically dedicated to creating web content. But in the case of mid-size or smaller businesses, this is often impractical.
Many small businesses find that getting outside SEO content writers can provide a big boost to their visibility––even if it’s just to reinforce the posts that are being produced in-house.

What About Freelancers?

The second option, if you decide to go with a third party, is to hire a freelance writer to create your blog for you.
Freelancers can be appealing to small businesses. They provide a personal connection, and can sometimes be found for cheap rates. The drawbacks of freelancing often come in the arena of content quality and reliability.
It can be difficult to hire a freelance writer from a site like Fiverr or Upwork, and still have the confidence that you will be getting a good product. Freelancers don’t always need to go through a detailed screening process, so while you can find good help, results can be mixed.
To complicate matters further, freelancers almost always have more than one client.
A typical freelancer is juggling multiple blogs at any one time. This can often result in some blogs getting insufficient attention as the writer strains to get everything done.
If your freelancer is overworked, you could be waiting longer than normal for your content to be finished.